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Sunday School – October

252 Basics


During October, the children in 252 Basics (K-5th grades) will be reminded that God created the entire world.  We will be discussing how everything belongs to the Lord, we should use our time, things, and money wisely, and we should live like we know what really matters.

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First Look


Our First Look (preschoolers) are learning that God can help me anywhere!

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Promotion Sunday

Promotion-Sunday  July 30th

This coming Sunday, July 30th, is our Promotion celebration for Sunday School classes.  We will be promoting our rising 6th graders to middle school Sunday School classes and Hollands Youth Group.  This is also a time to welcome our rising Kindergarteners into our large group Sunday School class.
Please have your child report to his/her normal Sunday School classroom.  We will escort all children to the Sanctuary at the beginning of the 9:45am service so that each group can be recognized during the service.
In keeping with tradition, our rising second graders will be receiving their own children’s Bible during this service as well.  If your second grader will not be able to attend this weekend, please let me know so that we can still reserve a Bible for them.
After the service, the elementary-aged children will be returning to the Youth Room for breakfast snacks and fellowship.  Our Pre-K children will also have snacks in their classroom.  Please let me know if your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will try to accommodate them.  You are also welcome to pack a snack.
This is an exciting time as we mark the beginning of another school year!  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Sunday School – July

252 Basics

July 2017 Theme

During July, our children in 252 Basics (K-5th grades) are discovering who God made them to be so they can make a difference.  

God made you to be you.  God made you for an adventure. God made you to follow Jesus. God made you to love others.  And God made you to do good.

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First Look


Our First Look (3-5 years old) preschoolers are continuing to learn that I can do what God wants me to do.  

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