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I’m Just One Traffic Cone

indexImagine you are driving down the highway.  Traffic is zipping by at a gazillion miles per hour and you see the dreaded, “This lane closes in one mile” sign.  The brake lights engage and traffic begins to slow and merge.  After a mile of bumper to bumper traffic you reach that first traffic cone that doesn’t allow you to travel in that lane anymore.  The construction area spans for about a half a mile, then the row of cones allows you to merge into the previously closed lane and traffic resumes a natural flow and speed.  Not a convenient encounter, but safe (generally) for everyone involved.

Let’s pretend (I am a children’s ministry leader, after all)…as you approach that same work zone, the only cone there is the first one.  Then after that…FREE FOR ALL!!  Inevitable chaos, yes?

Now imagine, as you drive you and your child to Sunday School this week, ready to navigate the maze that is our journey to an #AuthenticFaith, and the only person there is your ministry leader.  You guessed it, inevitable chaos.  Nobody wants that.  If our mission is to provide our graduating seniors the best opportunity to NOT abandon their faith after high school (statistically, over half do) then our Authentic Faith Construction Zone must include every possible available traffic cone…or volunteer/parent/small group leader.

This idea lovingly stolen from Mike Clear at the Orange 2015 Conference.

Jim Ellis is the Children’s Ministry Leader at Holland’s United Methodist Church and host of the upcoming podcast Holland’s Thunder